• i have successfully secured the support of two excellent external teachers for the »free and open technologies« (the missing part of the essentials module »media technologies, emergent and open technologies« in »emergent technologies«). i am in the process of applying for an external teaching contract for them. if everything works as planned, they will start teachning this october.

  • »responsible research and innovation« was first offered last winter semester by the wonderful people of IHS. due to other committments, this course will shift to summer semester. thus, it will not happen this winter, but rather in summer 2020.

  • regarding the module »digital art«, both courses will according to all accounts be held in summer 2020. »theory and practice of media art« will be offered by the same people as 2018, and »appropriation and authorship« will be organised by the reknown austrian media artists and design practitioners thomas haberfellner and jörg piringer.

  • »explorative design« will once again be compressed into a single semester in summer 2020.