Reading experience in Biscuit is optimized for following discussions. This is ideal for going through discussion-heavy subs like IAmA, AskReddit and TIL. And don’t forget that you can set a column width that fits your needs with a simple pinch gesture!

Suddenly, making friends on reddit makes sense; Biscuit highlights your friends’ comments, so you always know whom you can trust (or better don’t trust). Also, it marks OP-comments, and shows you where OP-replies are hidden.

Vote and reply with easy to remember two-finger gestures: swipe up on a comment to vote up (and reverse), and swipe right to reply. Once you type your reply, you will find extra markdown keys, and even a ಠ_ಠ key. We hope you approve.

We’ve spared no efforts to make Biscuit beautiful. Typography, layout, white space, colors – we designed every little detail to make reading reddit a comfortable and tasteful experience – as long as you don’t read the wrong subs ;-)



  • » Fully-featured reddit client for iPad, including moderator commands.
  • » Beautiful night mode.
  • » Sync read submissions with reddit.com (reddit gold).
  • » Helps you find the best content on reddit by highlighting all comments of the OP and of your friends.
  • » Make new friends, right inside of Biscuit.
  • » Unprecedented comment layout, based on scientific study, adapted for tablet interaction.
  • » Easily quote other users in the comprehensive posting interface that offers special markdown keys.
  • » Smart loading of more than the usual 200 comments as you read, no need for you to do anything.
  • » True iOS 7 app: support for system-wide font settings and background notifications for new messages.
  • » Upload images from your iPad camera roll and directly include them in your posts or comments.
  • » Never miss anything - Biscuit highlights all new comments since your last visit.
  • » Make it yours: customize the column width, post spacing or the color of you and your friends.
  • » Responsive and fluid interaction with easy-to-remember two-finger gestures for voting and replying.
  • » Sharing includes Safari Reading List and cross-post on reddit.
Biscuit is the work of (in alphabetical order)
Thomas Pamminger (visual design & killer of darlings),
Peter Purgathofer (concepts, interaction design & perseverance) and
Matthias Tretter (implementation & magician).
Also, we owe you one, Peter Holzkorn.