this page and blog is an attempt to facilitate the communication between the program coordinator of media and human centered computing and the students (and maybe even teachers) of this program. at the moment, it consists of announcements and news. please send any questions directly to purg (a) 

sooner or later, i will compile these questions into some kind of FAQ that will be linked here. 

program structure

media and human-centered computing is best understood from the »five columns« graphics that was created to explain the structure in the internal decision processes, but unfortunately has no place in the official curriculum, or in TISS. 


the first row across the five columns lists the foundation modules that are mandatory for everybody. also, foundations modules have to be completed before you attend other modules of a column. 

the second row lists the essentials modules. an essentials module is mandatory if you want to attend extension-modules in a column. we suggest you pass the essentials before entering the extensions modules, but this is not compulsory.   

transitory regluations

if you are coming from the previous version of this program (»medieninformatik«), all the ECTS you completed in the old curriculum are still valid. law mandates that a change in the curriculum cannot undo achieved accomplishments. this means that, while you might have to complete some new courses instead of the one you planed to do, you will not have to attend courses that push you beyond the total of 120 ECTS. 

please note that the current transitory regulations (übergangsbestimmungen) do not properly ensure this. a new version is in the works, and it should be available before october 2018. 


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